Theory & Practice

It is a common belief that a massage therapist can only help you physically, however, at Harmony on Hope our therapists are trained in holistic practices that are meant to address each person as a whole being. Our bodies store our emotions like a silo stores grain. You may not realize it, but our emotions feed our physical tension and vice versa. Everything we do at Harmony on Hope is meant to recognize and work with all the connected aspects of who you are.

In order to achieve this we have set up a zen inspired, private office setting. It's so important to be able to relax in order to achieve the most significant results. With the soothing colors of nature, beautiful furnishings, many windows to bring in natural light, and gentle aromatic scents, we have created an environment that will fill you with peace, and ready your body and soul to receive what it needs.
We combine the beauty of a spa, with the skilled technique and focus of a therapeutic practice. This is what makes us different. This is what will elevate your expectations of what massage can and should be.  
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Please Note* While we do normally allow clients to schedule online, due to the current epidemic we have disabled this function until we have a definitive reopen date. Please continue to check back for up to date information about our reopening plans. Thank you.

Our Signature Services

These are the services we are best known for and can be booked with almost any therapist on our schedule!

Our Limited Edition Services

The R&R

What does your body need today? To rest & relax? To rejuvenate & reward? To restore & relieve? We can do that! This is your time to get exactly what you require. Choose every aspect of the massage from the depth of pressure to areas to focus the attention on releasing chronic tensions or full mind-body unraveling or even therapeutic recovery due to injuries or existing conditions. The R&R uses integrated techniques such as Swedish Massage, Deep tissue work on muscles and fascia, trigger point release and polarity & energy therapies to create a fully customized session. Every time you seek us out, you give us the guidelines, and we will meet your “kneads” with wherever you are in that moment. (*Women in all stages of pregnancy should book one of our Baby,Mama services only. Please call to speak with a staff member if you have any other questions.)


30 Minutes . . . . . $50
60 Minutes . . . . . $85

90 Minutes . . . . . $120

2 Hours . . . . . . . .$175

The Perfect Pair

Want to share some time with a friend or loved one? Schedule a couples massage! You will both be in the same room with soft music and candle glow, but we customize each massage individually because no two bodies are the same. Each person gets to choose one of these add-ons as well:  back exfoliation, foot exfoliation, aromatherapy or warm stones. Great for celebrating a special occasion, a fresh idea for a date night or even mother~daughter day!

(This service is not eligible for any discounts.)

60 Minutes . . . .$200 per couple 
90 Minutes . . . .$260 per couple 


Baby, Mama

Pregnancy massage is designed to ease all the aches and pains that go along with nurturing your little bundle of joy! Breathe deeply as you are supported on all sides and wrapped in comfort. You and your baby will relax together. This side-lying massage is only for those in their 2nd or 3rd trimester, and includes a foot exfoliation. Please let us know how many weeks pregnant you are so that we can set the massage table up appropriately.  (*Women in all stages of pregnancy should book this service only. Please call to speak with a staff member if you would like to book any other service.)

75 Minutes . . . . .$100

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Lisa, Nicole E, Jessica S, Alyssa, Jessica A, Bridget, Melodie

Baby, Mama Express

An abbreviated session for Moms-to-Be that simply need a quicker pick-me-up. (This service does not include the foot scrub.)   


30 Minutes . . . . .$50     

60 Minute . . . . . $85

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Lisa, Nicole E, Jessica S, Alyssa, Jessica A, Bridget, Melodie

The Weight of the World

Are your shoulders up to your ears? Do you sit at a desk all day slumped over a computer? This is an hour and fifteen minute massage designed to work out chronic tension in the back, neck and shoulders. With the use of deep pressure points, stretching and joint movements, this massage will help to lower your shoulders and improve your posture. 

75 Minutes . . . . $100

The Harmony

An hour long session of pure relaxation. Light to medium pressure, gentle stretching, penetrating heat from warm stones on the back, and our gentle back scrub all combine to create an escape from the daily grind.

60 Minutes . . . . . $90

The Juan-Knead - A

We named this after a long time client and good friend, Juanita! It's a 30 minute, deep pressure back, neck, and shoulder massage plus a refreshing back scrub. Perfect after a long day at the computer, or to work out a kink! 

30 Minutes . . . . $55

All You'll Ever Knead

This is the ultimate two and a half hour massage session! There is nothing like it offered anywhere (to our knowledge)! Is an hour not enough? Ninety minutes still leaving you wanting more? Well, try this full body session that includes warm stones, a back scrub, foot scrub and full head and face massage! We'll even brush your hair for you! Believe us, it's awesome. 

(This service is not eligible for any discounts, and is not appropriate for women during pregnancy.)

2 Hours and 30 Minutes . . . . . $250

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Jessica S, Sara

Raising the Bar Ashiatsu Massage

Gravity is your friend with this full body massage that utilizes the broad surface of your LMT’s  bare feet with their body weight to achieve a deep, consistent pressure. Parallel bars secured to the ceiling allow your LMT to step up onto the table, and sink into your tight tissues without causing you pain. By switching up the “tools” from hands, elbows & finger tips to the whole foot, the work can sometimes be more effective at elongating the spine as well as other shortened, contracted muscles in your limbs. Other perks include assisting the lymphatic system with detoxification, improving posture, and increasing range of motion. Be sure to inform your LMT of all medical conditions - due to the compressive nature of this technique, there are certain contraindications.

Not for: women at any stage of pregnancy, clients with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, recent injuries or surgeries.

60 Minutes. . . . $95 (Posterior aspect of the body only)

90 Minutes. . . . $135 (Posterior and partial anterior)

2 Hours. . . . . . .$185 (Full Posterior and full anterior, full body)

Therapists that offer this service: Sara, Lisa

Turn of the Thai'd

Let your body be released through our Thai Massage session. An anchoring combination of massage, Ayurvedic principals, acupressure, and assisted yoga postures, this fully clothed session is done on a comfortable padded floor mat specifically designed for this practice. Utilizing rhythmic, progressive compressions, joint mobilization and stretching, the therapist will use her hands, feet, legs, and elbows to find deep seated trigger points, while lengthening your whole body with assisted stretching and rocking motions. You remain completely passive and are lulled into a meditative state as the therapist reminds your body of its truest form. 

​60 Minutes. . . . . $95
90 Minutes. . . . . $125

Therapists that offer this service: Melodie

Go With the Flow

An Abyhanga-inspired head to toe massage based on a traditional Ayurvedic treatment. Using a house crafted warm, herbal-infused oil to anoint the body, this service creates a nourishing and decadent experience. Your therapist performs flowing, light to medium pressured strokes that move from the center of the body out to the extremities. This supports circulation, bringing fresh, nutrient rich blood to the joints, connective tissue, and muscles. This is a holistic experience created to bring equal attention to all parts of your body. You will leave feeling grounded and transformed.

90 minutes. . . . . $135

Therapists that offer this: Melodie

The Happy Face

You know that line between your eyebrows that seems to get deeper by the day? The tension in your jaw from keeping your thoughts bottled up? A nagging headache from all the things that make you want to pull out your hair? Well, this massage can help with that! Once again using our HOHM made herbal-infused oil, we focus the attention on your face and scalp, mixing in a touch of neck traction. By incorporating facial cupping, jade stone scraping, a cold stone roller, essential oils, and warm towels, this massage will help to release the connective fascial tissue that sits below the surface of the skin, reduce inflammation, restore health to the sinuses, and bring life back to the skin by stimulating the superficial blood vessels. Luxuriate in the feeling of being a little lighter headed.

30 Minutes . . . . . $60

Therapists that offer this Service: Melodie, Sara

Your Cup Runneth Over - Cupping Massage

This is a massage where cupping is the primary technique used to open the muscles, connective tissue, and joints. The therapist will apply silicone suction cups to the body in areas that may be holding very deep tensions, such as joints, or deeply layered muscles. They may leave the cups to rest in an area or gently glide the cups over the skin to help release the tissue. The suction brings blood, lymph, and alignment of the muscle fibers in a very direct and effective way. This massage is wonderful for those that are seeking more freedom of movement in their body. Please note that this massage will leave red, purple, blue, or black marks on the body where the cups have been resting. These are not bruises, and are a natural effect of the suction. 

60 Minutes . . . . . $95

90 Minutes . . . . . $135

Therapists that offer this service: Allie, Jessica A, Melodie, Muggs, Sara

Rei of Light

Reiki is the ancient art of clearing the energy pathways of the body. This extremely tranquil energy work is very light non-manipulative touch. It is done fully clothed and with limited physical contact. Those that practice and receive Reiki often say they discover a truer connection to their “inner source”. While it may reveal stronger spiritual ties, there is no religious belief system attached to Reiki. It has been used to help the recovery process both physically and mentally for those challenged by illness, injury, or chronic pain. It would also be a wonderful session for someone looking for the soothing benefits of massage but not quite ready for the physical bodywork. 
Rei - the gentle wisdom that surrounds us  
Ki - the quiet energy that is underlies us all


30 Minutes. . . . . $40
60 Minutes. . . . . $70
90 Minutes. . . . . $100

Therapists that offer this service: Jessica S, Allie, Bridget

My-O-Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Massage is a deep, targeted service that is intended to release long held tension patterns in the body. Your therapist will work systematically, using long strokes that open the fascia tissue. Fascia is the interwoven sheath that surrounds and weaves your muscles together. When this tissue is open and flexible, it allows your muscles to move and function efficiently, as they were intended. This work is done "dry" (without lotion) and you and your therapist work actively together throughout the session to achieve your goals. This session can bring about significant changes to the physical form and brings a greater sense of awareness to the body.

90 Minutes . . . . . $130

Therapists that offer this service: Allie, Muggs

Holding the Charge - Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Session

This session blends Craniosacral therapy (described in our Rooted and Reaching Service) with  Polarity therapy to achieve a great sense of both physical and mental balance. Polarity Therapy is a complete system of health based on the thought that all disease comes from disruption of harmonious energy flow in and around the body. Comparable to the North, Central, and South poles of the Earth, the head of our body is positively charged, the abdomen is the neutral pole, and the feet are negatively charged; This can be broken down to even the smallest parts within the body, for example in your pinky finger, the top knuckle is positive, the middle is neutral, and the bottom is negative. When the balance is restored between the three poles, harmony is achieved and good health follows. This is achieved through hands-on compression based touch in varying pressures and physical manipulation of the tissues to balance and adjust the energetic field that surrounds the body. The session can include a Affirmation session afterward with your practitioner that will give you insight s to the discoveries made during the sessions and guidance as to how you can continue to maintain your balanced body in the future. These Affirmation Sessions add extra 15 minutes and are an extra charge.

60 Minutes . . . . . $85

90 Minutes . . . . . $120

60 Minutes + 15 Minute Affirmation Session . . . . . $100

90 Minutes + 15 Minute Affirmation Session . . . . . $135

Practitioners that offer this Service : Julia

Rooted and Reaching - CranioSacral Therapy Session

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, soft touch, hands-on treatment for the whole body that focuses on supporting the client through long held holds (sometimes upwards of 15 minutes) on the cranium (head), spine, sacrum, and coccyx (tail Bone). When working with the nervous system and its related tissues, fluids, and bones, the practitioner becomes acutely of where the system is restricted and how to best support it through these energetic holds. Since the nervous system dictates all of the body’s functioning by the constant sending and receiving of information, even a small restriction or misalignment could have significant effects on every system and function of the body. This session is deeply relaxing and can benefit anyone, but especially those with spinal dysfunctions, nervous system, gastrointestinal, and mood related disorders.

60 Minutes . . . . . $85

90 Minutes . . . . . $120

Practitioners that offer this service: Julia

Give Me A Lymph't

Give Me A Lymph't: Manual Lymph Drainage is a specialized treatment that uses four basic extremely gentle strokes to both stimulate and support the lymphatic system. Massage therapists performing MLD receive extensive training for certification to ensure a thorough knowledge of the indications and contraindications of this massage. While this service is often sought out by people looking for relief from ailments such as post-surgical edema related to Breast Cancer, post-traumatic edema, fibromyalgia, or rheumatoid arthritis, it is also a good match for those seeking a deeply meditative & softer approach to general detoxification and relaxation. Clearance from your physician may be required for extremely acute conditions.

30 Minutes . . . . . $55
60 Minutes . . . . . $85

Therapists that offer this service: Melodie

Soft and Sweet Full Body Scrub

Change up the routine, and experience new sensations with this full body scrub. Using our HOHM-made organic sugar scrub, the therapist will exfoliate your back, arms, legs, feet, and belly (if desired), which will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and invigorated. The grit of the sugar stimulates mechanoreceptors in your skin, and gives your nervous system a chance to disengage without making you want to take a nap. This service tones & tightens the largest organ of your body by encouraging the growth of healthy new skin cells as it sloughs away the dead outer layers. A great way to greet a change in season or to combine with another service for a spa-like pampering. 

60 minutes . . . . . $75

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Ashley, Lisa, Bridget, Alyssa

The Here and Now

This Oncology massage is a modified massage for those in all stages of cancer treatment, recovery, and survivorship. Find your ability to live in the moment and love your body again with this therapeutic and compassionate service. This massage is performed by a therapist that is trained in working with those that are facing all of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that a cancer diagnosis brings. This massage is adjusted to your specific needs and based on your particular medical history. The benefits of oncology massage include deep relaxation, reduced pain, reduced nausea, reduced fatigue, and perhaps, most importantly, restored hope.

(Please arrive 20 minutes early so that you can have time to discuss your health history with your therapist.)

30 Minutes . . . . . $55
60 Minutes . . . . . $85

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Ashley, Nicole A., Melissa

Mind Over Matter Guided Meditation

This is a relaxation meditation session enhanced by gentle touch. Designed to help deeply connect your body and mind, your therapist will address your body by following the suggestions the recorded meditation offers by using a combination of extended still holds along the seven chakras, and gentle rocking motions. This truly beautiful service can be done all by itself, or be added to any of our massage services.

30 minutes . . . . . $40

Therapists that offer this service: Shannon, Lisa, Ashley, Allie, Melodie

Under Our Wing - New LMT Massage

We currently have no therpaists offering this service, but stay tuned!


As we grow, we are making it a goal to nurture young, talented therapists into the beginning of their massage journey. This is a customized service much like our R&R massage. The only difference is that the fully educated therapist you will be working with is newly licensed.  The "Under Our Wing"program allows these therapists to expand on their skills by gaining experience in a professional environment with the support & guidance of other LMTs who have been practicing extensively for years. It also gives our clients the opportunity to receive a wonderful massage at a reduced rate in exchange for sharing valuable, constructive, and articulate feedback with their therapist.


Please leave extra time in your schedule for filling out a brief questionnaire following your appointment.

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30 Minutes . . . . . $42
60 Minutes . . . . . $60

90 Minutes . . . . . $90

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(These Services are designed and created to highlight the specific skills and certifications of individual therapists, and can only be booked with the therapists listed. )

The Tool Box

These additions to the services allow your therapist to create a massage truly reflects your needs and enhances your experience.


There is no extra charge to receive this extra care. Chat with your therapist when you come in about what might work for you.

Warm Stones

Warm stones glided over sore muscles help to melt them with a deeply penetrating heat.



Essential oils each have different therapeutic effects, such as easing sore muscles or lifting one's spirits.

Back Exfoliation

Our homemade scrub detoxifies and tones the skin while it stimulates the nerves to refresh you!

Foot Exfoliation  

Same as our back exfoliation, except your feet receive the love!

Specialty Tools
These Tools are only available with specific therapists that are specially trained.


Silicone cups are applied to specific areas of tension to aid in the release of stubborn muscles.


(may cause purple, red, or blue marks that last 7-10 days or longer)

Therapists that offer this service:

Kelly, Sara, Allie, Tammy



Jade or wooden tools are used in a scraping motion to release the fascia tissue and help open the connective tissue. 


(may cause purple, red, or blue marks that last 7-10 days or longer)


Therapists that offer this service: 

Allie, Sara



Hearts & Hands at HOHM

We believe that massage should be available to everyone who needs it.
Therefore, starting January 1, 2017, discounted exceptions will be made on a case by case basis,
taking into consideration the information you provide us.

The adjusted price will be honored through the calendar year
​for which you applied.

After reviewing your information, we will contact you to determine your reduced price.

Submit your completed form in person at the office or send an email:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Out of respect for our therapists and other clients, we ask that we receive at least 24 hours notice for all appointment changes and cancellations. While we are aware and empathize that emergencies occasionally happen, we will charge a 50% service fee for any missed or late change appointments that have not given the required notice. By providing your credit card information, you understand and are authorizing Harmony on Hope Massage to charge the card in the event our cancellation policy must be enforced.Thank you so much for understanding.

 On-Site and In-office Massage

In-Office massage is a unique and perfect way to show appreciation to all your hard working staff! Have our talented massage therapists come to you for an afternoon of care and relaxation. We can design a program that is tailored to meet the needs of your specific company!


$120.00 per therapist/hour 


Call or Email for more information!


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Off-street parking is available.

At this time we do not have wheelchair accessibility.


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