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Theory & Practice

It is a common belief that a massage therapist can only help you physically, however, at Harmony on Hope our therapists are trained in holistic practices that are meant to address each person as a whole being. Our bodies store our emotions like a silo stores grain. You may not realize it, but our emotions feed our physical tension and vice versa. Everything we do at Harmony on Hope is meant to recognize and work with all the connected aspects of who you are.

In order to achieve this we have set up a zen inspired, private office setting. It's so important to be able to relax in order to achieve the most significant results. With the soothing colors of nature, beautiful furnishings, many windows to bring in natural light, and gentle aromatic scents, we have created an environment that will fill you with peace, and ready your body and soul to receive what it needs.

We combine the beauty of a spa, with the skilled technique and focus of a therapeutic practice. This is what makes us different. This is what will elevate your expectations of what massage can and should be. Read more.

Our Signature Services

These are the services we are best known for and can be booked with almost any therapist on our schedule!

R&R Massage




30 Minutes . . . . . $60

45 Minutes . . . . . $80

60 Minutes . . . . . $110
90 Minutes . . . . . $155

2 Hours . . . . . . .  $210

What does your body need today? To rest & relax? To rejuvenate & reward? To restore & relieve? We can do that! This is your time to get exactly what you require. Choose every aspect of the massage from the depth of pressure to areas to focus the attention on releasing chronic tensions or full mind-body unraveling or even therapeutic recovery due to injuries or existing conditions. The R&R uses integrated techniques such as Swedish Massage, deep tissue work on muscles and fascia, trigger point release, and polarity and energy therapies to create a fully customized session. Every time you seek us out, you give us the guidelines, and we will meet your “kneads” with wherever you are in that moment.


 ***Folks in all stages of pregnancy should book one of our Nurtured Pearl services only. Please call to speak with a staff member if you have any other questions.

Please note: Kirsten does light to medium work only. 

The Nurtured Pearl - Pregnancy Massage 

75 Minutes . . . . .$140

90 Minute . . . . . $165

2 Hours . . . . . . . $220

(Extended Service - Nix Only)

Therapists who offer this service: Jet, Nix, Shannon

Our pregnancy massage is designed to ease all the aches and pains that go along with nurturing your little bundle of joy! Breathe deeply as you are supported on all sides and wrapped in comfort. You and your baby will relax together. This side-lying massage is only for those in their 2nd or 3rd trimester, and includes a foot exfoliation. Please let us know how many weeks pregnant you are so that we can set the massage table up appropriately.  


(***Folks in all stages of pregnancy should book this service only. Please call to speak with a staff member if you would like to book any other service.)

***We recently changed the name of this service to be more gender inclusive. Not all pregnant bodies identify as female, woman, or mother. We welcome all pregnant persons. 

The Nurtured Pearl Express


30 Minute . . . . $70

60 Minute . . . . . $115

Therapists who offer this service: Jet, Nix, Shannon


An abbreviated session for our pregnant clients that simply need a quicker pick-me-up. (This service does not include the foot scrub.)   

The Weight of the World




75 Minutes . . . . $130

(Kirsten does not offer this service.)


Are your shoulders up to your ears? Do you sit at a desk all day slumped over a computer? This is an hour and fifteen minute massage designed to work out chronic tension in the back, neck and shoulders. With the use of deep pressure points, stretching and joint movements, this massage will help to lower your shoulders and improve your posture.  

In Depth - Deep Tissue Massage




60 Minutes . . . . . $115
90 Minutes . . . . . $160

Therapists who offer this service: Dan, Jet, Nix

While we don’t advocate for “deep tissue” massage for most people, we have found that many folks like a firmer pressure on larger body areas such as the back and shoulders. Not all of our therapists work using this depth as a regular tool, however there are some clients that benefit from it. If you are the kind of person that relaxes into pressure, this may be the session you’re looking for.


***Please note that not all of our therapists work deeply, so those that do are listed under this service. While all our therapists have the ability to apply firm pressure in limited ways, only certain therapists thrive in this work. Concurrently, deeper pressure sessions are not appropriate for all clients, regardless of stated preference. Please book this session if your prefer the majority of your session to work towards depth. Regardless of your requests, our therapists will only work to a depth that is safe and effective for you. Any signs that you are uncomfortable will signify the use of a lighter pressure.

The Perfect Pair - Couples Massage



(Per Couple)

60 Minutes . . . . $230

90 Minutes . . . . $315


Come together for a session that will reinforce deep connections with a loved one. Whether it's a partner, a mother, sister, or friend, you will be able to sense the beautiful energy generated when massage is experienced together. 

Your massage will be in the same room with tables side by side. Each person will receive a tailored session to their needs from their individual therapist, and you are each welcome to add complimentary hot stones,  a sugar scrub (on the back or feet), or aromatherapy (if safe for the other participant, ie. recognizing allergies). 

Nap Time



Add- on

30 Minutes . . . . $45

(Nix does not offer this service.)

How many times have you wanted to stay and sleep on the table after your massage? Every time? Us too. So often we rush back into the chaos of life after massage. This session is designed to allow your massage and energy work to integrate, while also giving you the time and space for  much needed rest. This is an add on only service and after we finish with your massage or energy work session, we will infuse the room with aroma therapy, make you more comfortable, add warm towels, give you a weighted herbal infused teddy bear, and tuck you in, allowing you to sleep soundly. We gently wake you with a quiet head massage. The benefits of giving yourself this extra time will magnify the effectiveness of the massage and bring you to a state of internal quiet.  Nighty, Night. 

*Add-On Only - Must be booked with a massage, energy, or bodywork session. 

The Tool Box

These additions to the services allow your therapist to create a massage that truly reflects your needs and enhances your experience.


There is no extra charge to receive this extra care. Chat with your therapist when you come in about what might work for you.

Warm Stones

Warm stones glided over sore muscles help to melt them with a deeply penetrating heat.

(Please note: Jet does not perform

this add on.)



Essential oils each have different therapeutic effects, such as easing sore muscles or lifting one's spirits.

Back Exfoliation

Our homemade scrub detoxifies and tones the skin while it stimulates the nerves to refresh you!

Foot Exfoliation  

Same as our back exfoliation, except your feet receive the love!

Specialty Tools
These tools are only available with specific therapists who are specially trained.


Silicone cups are applied to specific areas of tension to aid in the release of stubborn muscles.

(Use of cups may cause purple, red, or blue marks that last 7-10 days or longer.)

Therapists who offer this service:

Ashley, Karon, Sara




Our Limited Edition Services

These services are designed and created to highlight the specific skills and certifications of individual therapists, and can only be booked with the therapists listed.

Fill Your Cup - Integrated Cupping Massage

60 Minutes . . . . . $115

90 Minutes . . . . . $160

Therapists who offer this service: Ashley, Olivia


In this session cupping is integrated along with traditional massage  techniques to open the muscles, connective tissue, and joints through suction. The therapist applies silicone suction cups to the body in areas that may be holding very deep tensions. They may leave the cups to rest in an area or gently glide the cups over the skin to help release the tissue. Suction brings blood and lymph to the tissue while aligning of the muscle fibers in a very direct and effective way. This massage is wonderful for those that are seeking more freedom of movement in their body.


***Please note that this massage may leave red, purple, blue, or black marks on the body where the cups have been resting. These are not bruises, and are a natural effect of the suction. 

*** This massage is not appropriate for those with circulatory, vein, or heart conditions.

Clear the Waters - Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

60 Minutes . . . . . $115

90 Minutes . . . . . $165

Therapists who offer this service: Erin, Marliese, Nix

Just like rivers channel life giving water through the land and into the sea, our bodies channel life giving water in order to cleanse and nurture our many systems. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a light, cadenced manual therapy that helps promote the movement of these waters called lymphatic fluid or lymph. The lymphatic system circulates fluid throughout the body and helps maintain circulatory balance and immune function. MLD massage can be helpful for people experiencing swelling or edema due to injury, surgery, or for those who have lymphedema. In addition to its benefits for edema, it may also provide symptom relief for those with varicose veins, arthritis, headaches, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain. Rhythmic in nature and light in pressure, MLD is also very relaxing and can aid in general wellness and stress-relief, a benefit for anyone who is seeking to calm the nervous system. At Harmony on Hope Massage, you will receive MLD from a licensed massage therapist, which makes this type of session slightly different from one you might receive at a physical therapist office. Your therapist may choose to include additional elements like integrated massage techniques or other spa-like treatments that help you flow down the river with ease!


*NOTE: New, unexplained, or undiagnosed swelling, edema, or pain must be checked and diagnosed by a doctor before receiving MLD or massage.

*This session is not open wound care. Clients with surgical drains or still-healing wounds or incision sites must wait to receive MLD until drains are removed and wounds or incision sites have healed over. If you are seeking MLD and have had surgery recently, we advise you to ask your doctor for clearance before booking an MLD session.

*If you are seeking MLD and are currently in treatment for cancer, we recommend seeking MLD with your physical therapist. 

*For clients with prolonged lymphedema, our MLD sessions are recommended as an addition to comprehensive care from a physical therapist or other professional trained in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). MLD should not be considered a replacement for care from your physical therapist or primary care provider.

Full Spectrum - Integrated Massage and Reiki

90 Minutes. . . . . $160

Therapists who offer this service: Emily, Jet, Karon, Olivia, Shannon

This session integrates elements from our signature R&R Massage and our Rei of Light session. At the beginning of this 90 minute appointment, your therapist will discuss how you'd like to best divide the time between massage and energy work. 

Rei of Light - Reiki

30 Minutes. . . . . $60

60 Minutes. . . . . $100
90 Minutes. . . . . $145

Therapists who offer this service: Emily, Jet, Karon, Olivia, Shannon

Reiki is the ancient art of clearing the energy pathways of the body. This extremely tranquil energy work relies on very light, non-manipulative touch. It is done fully clothed and with limited physical contact. Those that practice and receive Reiki often say they discover a truer connection to their “inner source”. While it may reveal stronger spiritual ties, there is no religious belief system attached to Reiki. It has been used to help the recovery process both physically and mentally for those challenged by illness, injury, or chronic pain. It would also be a wonderful session for someone looking for the soothing benefits of massage but not quite ready for the physical bodywork.

Rei - the gentle wisdom that surrounds us  
Ki - the quiet energy that is underlies us all

The Cradle - Multilayered Energy Work

60 Minutes. . . . $110

90 Minutes. . . . $155


Therapists who offer this service: Emily, Jet, Shannon

Note: Jet cannot use hot stones during her sessions.

Our massage is different at HoHM because we emphasize the unique skillset of each therapist and customize each and every session for our clients. We thought we should bring this quality into our energy work as well.


There are many techniques and tools that can bring a focus and awareness to the unseen and more nuanced aspects of ourselves. In "The Cradle" session, we combine many forms of energy work in order to help you harmonize internally. We may include reiki, gentle rocking, pressure points, quiet joint mobility work, aromatherapy, sound healing, smudging, crystal energy gridding, craniosacral holds, or energetic balancing to customize a session that resonates with you. If you're feeling deep anxieties, disconnections, or newly erupting negative energies, perhaps "The Cradle" is a first step on the path to Harmony. 

Raising the Bar Ashiatsu Massage

60 Minutes. . . . $125 

(Posterior aspect of the body only)

90 Minutes. . . . $165 (Posterior and partial anterior)

Therapists who offer this service: Jules

Gravity is your friend with this full body massage that utilizes the broad surface of your LMT’s  bare feet with their body weight to achieve a deep, consistent pressure. Parallel bars secured to the ceiling allow your LMT to step up onto the table, and sink into your tight tissues without causing you pain. By switching up the “tools” from hands, elbows & finger tips to the whole foot, the work can sometimes be more effective at elongating the spine as well as other shortened, contracted muscles in your limbs. Other perks include assisting the lymphatic system with detoxification, improving posture, and increasing range of motion. Be sure to inform your LMT of all medical conditions - due to the compressive nature of this technique, there are certain contraindications.

Not for: folks at any stage of pregnancy, clients with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, recent injuries or surgeries.


Deeply Rooted - Foot Reflexology

60 Minutes. . . . $115


(45-50 minutes of reflexology on feet, 10-15 minute discovery session)


Therapists that offer this service: Kirsten

Reflexology is about connection. As we move through the world we tend to lose our sense of connection with one another, the earth, and most importantly, ourselves. Our feet are the first point of connection for many of us. They are a complicated and intensely sensory part of our being. This session explores points in the feet that are connected with and correspond to different aspects of the body. By working gently with these correlated points, you can address pain, dysfunction, illness, and mental health.


In this session, while you relax, the therapist will focus for about 45-50 minutes on reflexology in the feet. The final part of the session is conversation between you and the therapist about what discoveries and connections were made, so that you can integrate and have a better sense of awareness of your now deeply grounded self. 

This is an abbreviated session of the one listed below.

(Please note: Because Kirsten is our only therapist that offers this service there is a higher chance of needing to  reschedule, cancel, or replace this service with a different one. We will always call to inform you of any changes.)

Deeply Rooted - Foot Reflexology and          Integrated Massage

90 Minutes. . . . $160

2 Hours. . . . $220


Therapists that offer this service: Kirsten

Reflexology is about connection. As we move through the world we tend to lose our sense of connection with one another, the earth, and most importantly, ourselves. Our feet are the first point of connection for many of us. They are a complicated and intensely sensory part of our being. Our session explores points in the feet that are connected to and correspond with different aspects of the body.  By working gently with these correlated points, you can address pain, dysfunction, illness, and mental health.


In this session your therapist will start by using reflexology in the feet as a tool of discovery, then use that information to guide them in more targeted traditional massage with other areas that may need it. This session is followed by time to discuss discoveries and connections that were made with the therapist, so that you can integrate and have a better sense of awareness of your now deeply grounded self. 

(Please note: Because Kirsten is our only therapist that offers this service there is a higher chance of needing to  reschedule, cancel, or replace this service with a different one. We will always call to inform you of any changes.)

Pro-Aging Silver Session 65+

30 Minutes. . . . $60

60 Minutes. . . . $100


Therapists that offer this service: Emily, Karon, Lisa, Matt, Olivia, Shannon

Pro-Aging is to “age with grace, dignity, verve and energy” per Jamie Lee Curtis; meaning to be the best version of yourself as you age. Working with your body in a Pro-Aging approach includes the multiple benefits of regular massage: greater movement and ease, improved chronic pain, and a decrease of stress and anxiety. Our therapists meet you where you are, considering all factors of your aging journey, making adjustments for medical conditions and skin health. Include us in your Pro-Aging Self-Care Program, or gift an Elder in your life with the opportunity for renewed energy and well being.

**We are offering this service at a discount on the second Wednesday of every month with Karon. Please call to book a discounted session!

The Sanctuary Session - Oncology Massage

30 Minutes. . . . $60

60 Minutes. . . . $05

90 Minutes. . . . $145


Therapists that offer this service: Jet, Shannon

There is so much vulnerability happening when cancer enters our lives and our bodies. Understandably,  we can begin to make enemies of our bodies - feeling the push to fight for our health and our lives. Our Sanctuary Session is a unique massage dedicated to helping you feel at home and safe in your body at a time that is extremely difficult. It is brief reminder that our bodies have the ability to  openly receive tending, even in our most physically and emotionally  vulnerable time.  Our specially trained and experienced therapists are able to offer the time and space just so you can begin to feel good  in your body again while you are going through or recovering from cancer treatment. 

*Any notes you can include regarding your diagnosis and treatment when you book your appointment are helpful in pairing you with the most suitable therapist.

*If you are currently pregnant, we recommend calling so that we can pair you with a therapist that performs prenatal and oncology massage.

The Soft and Sweet - Organic Sugar Exfoliation

60 Minutes. . . . $110


Therapists who offer this service: Ashley, Shannon

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is both a detoxification system as well as a protective barrier. It's also a major sensory organ. Our skin can provide us with a full spectrum of awareness of our world, and it's important that we keep it healthy. Using our HoHM-made Organic sugar scrub, customized aromatherapy, along with warm towels, we exfoliate the entire body and follow with an application of our organic massage cream. You will leaving feeling soft, smooth, cleansed. 

Hearts & Hands at HOHM

We believe that massage should be available to everyone who needs it. discounts will be made on a case by case basis,
taking into consideration the information you provide us.

The adjusted price will be honored through the calendar year
​for which you applied.

After reviewing your information, we will contact you to determine your reduced price.

Submit your completed form in person at the office or send an email:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Out of respect for our therapists and other clients, we ask that we receive at least 24 hours notice for all appointment changes and cancellations. While we are aware and empathize that emergencies occasionally happen, we will charge a 100% service fee for any missed or late change appointments that have not given the required notice. By providing your credit card information, you understand and are authorizing Harmony on Hope Massage to charge the card in the event our cancellation policy must be enforced.Thank you so much for understanding.

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