What makes Harmony on Hope the best place you will ever work?


A large part of HoHM's Mission is to create supportive, nurturing sanctuary for all people to thrive. The focus of this intention has always been the therapists and staff.  We understand that people lead complicated and beautiful lives. We want to be a part of supporting your whole life. We will listen to your needs, ideas, and challenges. We will be partners with you on your lifes work journey.  We have a deep understand that if you're happy and love coming to work, we all benefit as a community. So every decision we make takes you into account. Our work is in connection.  And we start with you. 

*All genders, races, ages, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We are an open arms environment. 


Massage Therapists & Energy Practioners

We are seeking talented licesed massge therapists and certified energy workers. We understand that you will bring something unique to the table and we will work to bring you the client you want.

  • High Commision rates

  • Growth potential

  • Yearly Wellness bonus

  • Customized services to grow your skills

  • Continuing Education Contributions

  • Sick Day Pay

  • Monthly free massage

  • Nurturing and positive work environment

  • Owned by a women, working MT

Email Resume and Cover Letter explaining where you are at in your journey and how Harmony on Hope can help you reach your goals. 

Email to: Shannon@harmonyonhopemassage.com

Holding a Flower

General Manager/ Guardian

As we begin the recovery process after 18 months of community trauma, our practice is seeking an important and central figure to help guide, support, and connect our staff, clients, and owner. The ideal candidate would be seeking a workplace in which they can invest their time and skills to better the company over the long term. They’d be highly emotionally intelligent, with the ability to meet each interaction with a client or staff member where they are, with authenticity. They would also possess a strong ability to notice what needs to get done,  then find, and carry out solutions independently. This person would have to be able to remain grounded and calm in occasional high stress situations, managing expectations, communication, and the many nuances of customer service. 


We are seeking someone that as the ability to communicate clearly and with intention, but does so with a great deal of sensitivity. Our clients hold a great deal of trust on our practice, and this person will need to build on that trust. 


We are seeking someone that will be a partner with ownership in leading both the team of therapists and providing a sounding board in order to make the most informed decisions regarding the future of the practice. 


If you feel like Harmony on Hope Massage could be a new HoHM for you, please send a cover letter describing where you are in your journey and why you feel Harmony on Hope is the next landing place for you. Additionally, please send a complete resume, along with three professional references. Feel free to address it to Shannon, the owner. 


Send to: Shannon@harmonyonhopemassage.com 



Required Responsibilities:

(Training on these responsibilities will happen over time)


~ Basic reception duties (answering phones, scheduling clients, checking clients out, managing client inquiries)

~ Managing therapist schedules in the most efficient and informed way.

~ Managing client interactions (both positive and challenging) with independence and understanding.

~ Office upkeep and basic cleaning

~ Laundry 

~ Ordering of supplies

~ Maintain close contact/partnership with the owner to devise and develop strategies around challenges and future goals

~Email correspondence with the clients/team/owner/outside contractors to keep lines of communication open

~ Holding space and offering caring perspective for Therapists and clients in sensitive emotional moments

~ Basic bookkeeping/payroll responsibilities

~ Professional email generation through Wix

~ Basic Social Media Posting

~ Development of organizational systems that can better improve operations of business

~ Upholding mission, values, and the policies/procedures that are the structure for those values




~ Expert communicator with an emphasis on empathy and nuance 

~ Authentic demeanor

~ Great Collaborator (bottom-up support based management, verses top-down)

~ Ability to strategize and dream up innovative solutions/ideas

~ Expert in authentic phone customer service

~ Proficient in scheduling software/apt ability to learn

~ Proficient in operation of basic office equipment 

~ Basic bookkeeping/math skills.

~ 2+ years experience in managing a team

~ Ability to carry 30 pounds up/down a flight of stairs

~ Proficient in current basic technology (iPads, computers, phones)

~ Planning/arrangement of the occasional staff outing or party

~ Ability to troubleshoot challenges while maintaining a calm demeanor

~ Ability to let go of stressful work situations, once addressed appropriately

~ Ability to maintain discretion regarding client and staff  personal information

~ Very Detail oriented

~ Can independently recognize and address needs in the space/with clients or staff 




Salaried Position ($37,000- $40,000/ year)

40 Hours/ week (Some weekend hours required)

1 week paid vacation in first year (useable after 6 months), 2 weeks paid vacation every subsequent year

5 Paid Sick/personal  Days

2 free massages/ month (more as needed)

Monthly Health insurance stipend

Potential educational financial aid