Massage and Covid-19

Please read thoroughly prior to booking an appointment.

Harmony on Hope Massage is currently open! We have taken all the possible steps to reduce the risk of our work with you.  However, we cannot eliminate the risk of transmission of any virus. When you book with us you are doing so with the understanding that you taking a calculated risk. Below are the new parameters for our work. We ask that you become our partners in safety and care. Please keep in mind we are also taking measured risks to ourselves in working with you. Please honor our requests, as well as your own sense of what feels right for you. 


Human connection is essential to our survival. Our nurturing hands are waiting for you.

Unfortunately, due to the new CDC Guidelines we are asking all clients to remain masked for the entire time they are in our practice, regardless of vaccination status. 

Our staff will remain fully masked as well. 

You've always trusted us with your health.

Now we are trusting you with ours. 


What we are doing:


  • Educating our therapists and staff about proper masking, personal protective equipment, and extensive procedural protocols.

  • As per State order, requiring all staff to be fully vaccinated in order to enter the space.

  • Asking for proof of vaccination, or negative covid test taken within 48 hours of appointment time from all clients.

  • Requiring and providing masks for our staff, or allowing them to wear their own masks, as long as the masks meet requirements.

  • Changing our masks between each client interaction and personal task.

  • Linens are washed between every client, including sheets, towels, and washcloths. No unused fabric is kept in the room after a service.

  • Our tables and headrests are covered in waterproof vinyl covers which are disinfected between each and every client. Our headrests are additionally covered in waterproof covers along with the standard fabric covering, both of which are changed between each client.

  • Our head rests are completely dismantled between every client and disinfected. 

  • We have removed all upholstered furniture and replaced with cleanable faux leather. 

  • We are using a CDC hospital grade disinfectant and letting it sit for the appropriate amount of time for disinfecting to be achieved.  

  • We have installed high end air purifiers, with virus eliminating technology in every treatment room.

  • We have rearranged our waiting area to allow for a more spacious experience.

  • We have changed our entire booking system in order to offer a paper free forms, and a completely contactless checkout!

  • We offer hand sanitizer prior to entering the space, and in every room. We also placed automatic hand sanitizer and soap dispensers in all the restrooms. 

  • If desired, your therapist can wear gloves during the service, but we will not require this, as our hand washing protocols are extensive. 

  • Our staff will not come to work if they are experiencing any signs of illness. We are following the health department guidelines very strictly.

  • We have consulted with multiple members of the medical field to review our space and protocols. All of which have expressed that we are far exceeding even most medical office standards.


What we ask of you:


  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness whatsoever, even allergies, we ask that you stay at home. We will be able to reschedule your appointment for at least two weeks later. 

  • We are now requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 48 hours of the appointment time. The covid test should be provided by any state run site or state reporting pharmacy. At home tests are not acceptable. 

  • If someone in your household is ill, or you have come into contact with a person that is Covid-19 positive in the two weeks prior to your appointment, please do not come in. 

  • If you are immunocompromised, we ask that you let us know so that we can book you with an appropriate therapist for your risk level. 

  • You must wear a mask for the entire time you are in our space, including during the entire massage. If your mask is removed, for any reason other than a medical emergency, we will have to stop the session. We will never deny you a session for being unvaccinated, however we ask for your explicit honesty, as we have members of our community that are immunocompromised

  • We are appointment only. Please be understanding and plan ahead with your appointments. Also we may experience last minute cancellations on a greater scale, due to our strict sick policies for our therapists. Your kindness and flexibility helps us greatly as we manage the very challening and ever-changing health of our community. 

  • We ask that you fill out our online intake form. We have gone paperless, which will mean every client will need to fill out this form prior to coming in. You will also be required to read and sign a waiver that will now include a specific Covid-19 section. 

  • When you enter the vestibule, prior to entering our office, we ask that you utilize our provided hand sanitizer prior to opening or touching the door. 

  • You will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly before the massage.

  • We ask that you leave all excess personal items in the car or at home (ie. coats, bags, purses). Please only come with what is absolutely necessary.

  • We ask that you shower just prior to coming in for your service, and recommend that you do so just after your service as well.  

  • If, within two weeks after your appointment you experience any symptoms of illness, please inform us as soon as possible. 

Some additional things to keep in mind:

  • We have adopted a new booking system. This will require you to fill out all of our forms digitally, even if you have already done so on paper with us. You will be asked to create an account with our booking system prior to booking and you will be asked to complete the required paperwork prior to booking your fist appointment with us. We appreciate your patience and compliance. 

  • Due to the nature of the pandemic, there may be a rise in our need to cancel last minute if a therapist is showing signs of illness. We ask for your patience as we learn to navigate our new strict precautions.