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New Moon

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The Sanctuary Session - Oncology Massage

The Soft and Sweet - Organic Sugar Exfoliation

Deeply Rooted - Reflexology Session

The Cradle - Integrated Energy Work

Nap Time

Beginning July 1st we invite all fully vaccinated clients to go without a mask in our space and during their service. 

We ask for all unvaccinated clients to remain fully masked to protect our staff. 

(*All staff will continue to wear masks.)

You've always trusted us with your health.

Now we are trusting you with ours. 

Our Mission

We believe that engaging in the human connection unites our community

towards a greater peace and fosters harmony within the self.

We cultivate this connection by:

  • Reaching out to the corners of our community through compassionate touch,
    and acknowledging the value that each individual brings to our whole collective.

  • Providing a soothing sanctuary inspired by nature to quiet the mind 
    and impart stillness to the body.


  • Utilizing our intuitive and educated hands to restore balance
    in the muscular structure of the human form.

Come experience the comforts of HOHM...

Who we are...

As a heart-centered community resource, we believe and support all members of our community. We affirm who you are, regardless of where you’ve been or who you used to be. 

We believe our presence in the community is a reflection of who we are at our core, and we strive every single day to live up to our higher selves as individuals, as well as as a business. 

We will meet you where you are, even if you aren’t quite sure where that is. We will sit with you there, until you no longer need us. 

We stand for equal and equitable rights for all people. 


We do not tolerate hate.


We love all:








Number of chromosomes



We are deeply humbled to occupy the land of the native Wampanoag and Narragansett Peoples.